Scott Kennedy is a Queenstown based Artist, Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker and Musician. He is involved in a variety of projects that revolve around his passions of creativity and collaboration. 

He is the Music Editor of The Source Magazine, the co-founder of Source Music and Source TeeVee. As a writer, he’s authored 12 books for Lonely Planet, penned over 500 published magazine articles everything from arts, music, travel, sport and politics. As a photographer, his work has appeared editorially and in advertising all around the world for the past 15 years. As a filmmaker, Scott has directed several award-winning short films, music videos and documentaries. 

As a musician, Scott splits his time between two projects – Dear Deer a Post-Rock experimental art band and Versificator a straight ahead rock and roll project. Dear Deer is all about the marriage between music, imagery and emotion – cinematic soundscapes, that bend and twist with the context of the emotional connection. Versificator is all about making you forget all that sort of bollocks and moving your arse on the dancefloor. 

Scott is Co-Organizer of TEDxQueenstown, Co-Founder of Queenstown Guerrilla Drive-In and though he doesn’t believe in the existence of ‘free time’ he also enjoys to ski, ride his mountain bike, play ice hockey and harness the power of espresso and enthusiasm.

Scott’s presentation will be: Science Not SerendipityHow Everyone from Bach to Beyonce is Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Playing the Same Song.